Red Salt and Pepper


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Magic, stopperless salt and pepper shakers, with no holes on top.

Most ceramic salt and pepper shakers require a stopper of some sort – usually cork – to keep the contents in. But these ceramic shakers feature an interior funnel to keep salt and pepper in place. Simply tip upside down, fill with salt or pepper, and then slowly turn it right side up. The seasoning settles along the base of the slope, only to be released with an up-and-down shake of the eggs. 

Tip: Do NOT place stopperless shakers in a dishwasher. If water gets inside the shaker, it is nearly impossible to dry out. Just wash the outside with a damp rag and soap.

2 inches in diameter

2.5 inches high

White stoneware, wheel thrown and altered. Dishwasher, Microwave, and food safe.

by Stephen Huth at Blue Moose Art Gallery