One Man’s Junk is Another’s Treasure


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These small ART books are both beautiful and visually stimulating. When these little books are grouped together as a collection, it gives great joy and satisfaction. Purchasing one at a time becomes an affordable way to collect art. A little library could be displayed in unique and creative ways.

When I create these books, I start with a blank slate and let it tell me what it should become. Each book has its own personality. Sometimes I add a little treasure inside. I like to keep them a bit primitive and imperfect. Both their handmade and intentional imperfections add to their beauty. The touch and feel of these books add to the experience.

These books are small and convenient to carry. Start a collection, write your thoughts, sketch, fill it with sayings, use it as a start of a junk journal or treasure it as a piece of art. These delightful books are also a great gift idea.

3 1/2x4” handmade book/journal.
These books are filled with 80 pages (counting front and back) of uniquely dyed papers. Each page is a piece of art on its own.
Single-stich binding

* Colors used in the dyeing process are water-based and are not set/permanent. Appearance can change or colors run if they get wet so proceed carefully.

by Terry Nash at Blue Moose Art Gallery

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