Our Stories

Few art galleries have the privilege of 20 talented artists and advocates sharing the management of the gallery—but that is the Blue Moose in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Almost all of the owners are in the Gallery on a regular basis, and they all are able to help you with those perfect gifts. The owners come from varied backgrounds — journalism, nursing, teaching, and equestrian arts are just a sample of the backgrounds on the new team. The gallery provides an opportunity for many of them to either connect, or reconnect, with the art world.

A brief history: In October 2016, the Blue Moose Gallery first opened its doors with owners Deb Groesser and Cathy Michaels at the helm.  In 2018, Raine Greene and Julie Grillo joined as co-owners.  Together, they brought years of gallery, business, leadership, and customer service experience to the gallery. 

After almost three years of many seven-day weeks, the four original owners decided to open up ownership to gallery artists and patrons. Within weeks, more than 15 artists and art advocates enthusiastically agreed to join the Blue Moose team. Collectively, they bring a love of sharing art and cultivating relationships to the welcoming community of the Front Range. Some are artists who display their work in the Gallery, and others are art advocates whose support is invaluable to the Gallery’s success.

To learn more about the current owners and their wide-ranging interests, see below.