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Information for Blue Moose Gallery Artists

1. Review recent information for artists in our 2024 newsletters

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Newsletter #3

Newsletter #2

Newsletter #1


2. Submit your art information online

Submit a form for each piece of art you wish to sell at the Blue Moose Art Gallery. To complete the form, you will need:
1. a description of the art including a title and an inventory number (if you have one)
2. the price of the art
3. the size of the art
4. the number of pieces available,
5. when you will bring the art into the Gallery
6. a photo (or photos) of the art (note only pieces with photos will appear on the website) 

3. Pay your monthly dues 

Half space $25 per month

Half Space Full Year (one month free)

Full space $45 per month

Full Space Full Year (one month free)

4. Link to Vendor Payout

Vendor Payout - Login
name (your email address) and password needed) 

5. Artist and Instructor Opportunities

Participate in Blue moose 2024 art tent sale
Submit a Featured Artist Interest Form
Submit a Blue Moose Class Proposal