Anne Scarpa McCauley, honeysuckle baskets, at the Blue Moose Art Gallery

Anne began making her baskets at a young age while tending a herd of dairy goats on her family’s Virginia property. The goats liked the taste of the bitter honeysuckle leaves, and often she would run to places where it grew best. While the young goats played on a rock or came to lie in her lap, Anne made little circles or wreaths for her hair with the nearby honeysuckle. Then with a pattern I came up with, I made a little basket when I was twelve. I still make my baskets with this pattern. Anne’s baskets, made in the Blue Ridge Mountain foothills from Virginia's wild honeysuckle, are strong and hold up well with use. The honeysuckle is left natural and changes from green to a straw color The baskets have been in fine shops and juried art and craft galleries and also have won many awards. Some are in a permanent collection in the Smithsonian American Art Museum.