DONNA BEARDEN, photo-mandalas, Blue Moose Art Gallery


Mandalas (circular designs of repeating patterns) have long been used as spiritual and healing art forms, and can be found across cultures. Buddhist sand mandalas, Navajo healing mandalas, and the rose windows of the great cathedrals are a few examples. The psychologist Carl Jung used mandalas in his work on the subconscious. Inspired by psychology and spirituality, Donna became a photo-mandala artist about 10 years ago. A life-long photographer, she creates the kaleidoscope-type images from pieces cut from her photographs in ways that emphasize certain details, colors, or textures. Her designs have been printed on silk scarves, ceramic tiles, wood, and metal, and, along with inspirational quotes, published in a book titled Mandala Messages: Do not fear your potential.

“I believe there is an artist in each one of us. Maybe not a capital A artist, but at least a little a artist who would love to come out and play.”