Deanna Faimon, fiber arts, at the Blue Moose Art Gallery

Deanna's mother taught her to sew, and she started out with practical projects like making clothes. Her interest in art bloomed in school leading to a year studying at the Kansas City Art Institute and another year studying with local artists at Doane College in Crete, NE. Deanna loves traditional quilting and still makes those type of quilts, but Fabric Collage/art quilts is where her passion has taken root. Portraiture has always been a favorite subject of hers but, she also loves to recreate images of animals as well as everyday objects that have been placed in nature and either abandoned or left to their own. Her works are created by fusing and gluing small bits of fabric in place on canvas. The process of layering materials in unusual and nonconforming ways, actually feeling the texture of the fabrics, fibers, and embellishments is an exciting and fun process that is freeing and feeds Deanna’s soul. Once the image is complete, it is layered (with batting and backing) and stitched into place then finished with elements ranging from torn and frayed fabric to ribbon, beads, copper wire, paint or anything that will add texture and/or a sculptural element to the work.