KATHRYN BETHNA, Wrapped Rock Art, Blue Moose Art Gallery

Kathryn has always lived in Colorado, where her love for nature’s beauty and the Rocky Mountains first developed. The rocks you see in her work are gathered from every corner of Colorado. Kathryn did not consider herself very artistic in her youth. Then, as an adult, she co-owned and worked in a unique 3D sculpture and fabrication studio where her appreciation for 3D art blossomed. She has been growing as an artist ever since. She considers her current wrapped rock art to be part of this journey. The art that influences her now can be found in the work Aboriginal, African, and Asian art forms. She learned intricate knot work from others but soon began dreaming up her own knots. She delights in figuring out new and unusual ways to add embellishments (found objects, polished stones, etc.) and enjoys the challenge of finding the perfect combination of rock, embellishment, and fine leather cord.