Molly Box, mixed media, Blue Moose Art Gallery

Molly Box is an award-winning artist and graphic designer. Molly is best-known for her signature mixed media drawings and oil paintings of North American wildlife and fish/fly-fishing themed work. Molly moved from Wyoming to Colorado in 2019. Molly’s goal is to capture the American West as it is now, rather than the mythology of what it used to be. In doing so, she likes to use unconventional media, bright colors, and an illustrative/contemporary style. She primarily creates mixed media drawings/collages on mylar, along with other media including ink, watercolor, paper, pencil, china marker, acrylic and pastel. Her themes are generally trout/flies (she is an avid angler), and North American western wildlife, especially pronghorn and bison. She uses these traditional subjects to create colorful, stylized drawings that are multi-layered and unique. She is a fan of bright colors, bold lines, and hidden complexity.