SARAH MAYS, painting, Abstract Expressionism, Blue Moose Art Gallery

SARAH MAYS, Abstract Expressionism, Blue Moose Art Gallery

Sarah’s childhood was full of unique experiences. Her family traveled to many places when she was young, including living in the U.K. during her formative early teen years. As a result, various people, lifestyles, and cultures shaped her appreciation for art, music, and the diversity of the human experience. Sarah now is an abstract expressionist painter, creative educator, and writer working from her studio in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her work is primarily mixed media, but she does paint exclusively with acrylics from time to time.  Sarah’s artistic focus is translating her emotions, explicitly translating her memory and feelings relating to nature and culture. She specializes in abstract landscapes, florals, and non-representational paintings and collages. Sarah’s art brings her peace and offers her a place to meditate on life’s immense beauty and difficult complexity.  Her highest goal is to convey that beauty and layered complexity to her collectors and to empower artists of all backgrounds and abilities along the way.