SETH PITT, fine art prints, Blue Moose Art Gallery

SETH PITT, visual artist, fine art prints, Blue Moose Art Gallery

Originally from Michigan, Seth now lives in Thomas, WV, a place of compelling magic. There, he co-owns The White Room a showplace for regional artists and friends. He also keeps a personal studio and gallery down the street from there named “Creature. He is self-taught and never thought of himself as a visual artist until 10 years ago: “I grew up believing that I couldn’t draw or paint and that I wasn’t a visual artist at all. It wasn’t until I stopped trying to make any particular kind of art and just made work that I related to, that I began to feel confident in my process.” Half of the work at the Gallery is hand drawn with fine art permanent markers, and the other half is mixed media collage; Seth describes it as “conceptual cartoon. “Most of the characters presented are over-saturated concepts derived from musing on things I’ve experienced, things I’ve watched occur, or things I’ve learned from little stories I’ve picked up along the way. The inspiration for the work is much like a little windup up musical box, popping out suddenly, at random as I wander about.”