STEPHEN HUTH, Ceramics, Blue Moose Art Gallery

Stephen took his first art class in his mid-20s, but then career and family took precedence until the mid-1990s when he was able to return to his love of clay; he has been “playing in the dirt” ever since.  He moved to Colorado from Chicago in 2010. Much of his pottery is functional; he also designs indoor and outdoor totems which represent his “clay” stories. Recently he has concentrated on indoor mountain totems, 1-2 feet tall (each top has a named Colorado named peak) and “deconstructed platters,” in which he cuts apart a platter to make two trays. He also experiments with several different glazes and layering for both functional pots and platters and totems. He has developed a vibrant red glaze and also uses several glazes together that drip and spread over a pot, much like wood-fired ash glazes.

All functional pottery is dishwasher, microwave, and food safe. Custom orders available—contact the Blue Moose Gallery.

View Stephen’s Gallery below. All pieces can be picked up at the Fort Collins Gallery.  Online delivery available soon.