Steve and Calisse Browne, “Painted Copper," Blue Moose Art Gallery

The art by Steve and Calisse is “painted” copper, using a propane torch flame (no chemicals are used). Up to 14 colors, from yellows and greens to blues, purples, and browns, are oxidized onto the copper. The temperature and humidity affect the way copper reacts, and flame painted art is a negotiation between the artist and the copper. Once the color is oxidized on the copper, color can be ground off revealing the natural copper color to enhance the design. Every piece is touched by both artists, and both can independently perform every component of the fire painting process. They brainstorm their projects through discussion and experimentation, pushing their understanding of working with copper to produce more elaborate designs. Copper has warmth, shimmer, and vibrant colors. Steve and Calisse are the most satisfied when watching others enjoy their art. Creating art that speaks to a person on an emotional level is what art is all about for the Steve and Calisse.