Tom Wallick, ceramics, Blue Moose Art Gallery

Tom Wallick, ceramic artist, Blue Moose Art Gallery

Tom grew up in Pomona, California. He discovered his love of pottery while on grammar school field trips to museums where he would marvel at ancient ceramics and antiquities. From his early youth, Tom wanted to be a potter. He began working commercially as a ceramic artist in the early 1970s while in college. Tom specializes in crystalline pottery and has more than 30 years of experience working as a professional potter. “I add minerals from nature that match the crystals that I grow,” Tom explains. “I have dinosaur bones, Jurassic amber, crystals, and minerals that no one else has — a crystalline collection that any museum would like to have.” Always working to perfect his craft, Tom has pushed the boundaries of crystalline pottery to the limit. His artistic style can be seen in his unique shapes, textures, and glazes.