Introduction to Charcoal Drawing - Sun. 11.6.22@ 10:30a


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Instructor Beatrice Rudolph

Sunday, November 6th, 2022 from 10:30 am to 12:30pm

Come explore using charcoal as a drawing material with artist Beatrice Rudolph! We will focus on drawing real life objects and animals, but start with the basics. Learn about the different charcoal materials and how to use them. How light affects the perception of objects. How shading tricks the eye into seeing something as 3D when it is actually 2D.

We will practice using the different charcoals to draw simple objects (spheres, cubes, etc), and talk about how the same techniques used to create them can be used to create more familiar objects (fruit, mountains, people, animals)

If students would like, bring a drawing idea (based on a photograph) and Beatrice can help plan how to accomplish it. This could be a pet portrait, still life, landscape, etc.

All charcoal materials will be provided. Please bring a sketch pad to work on, preferably size 11x14, or plan to purchase an 11x14 sketch pad from the gallery when you arrive. Strathmore sketch pads with spiral binding are perfect. Appropriate for ages 15 and up.